🌵 Eyes of Wise has moved to Santa Fe, NM 🌵


--> I need something by a specific date. Do you offer expedited delivery?

Yes! However, due to Covid-19 shipping arrival dates are a little uncertain at this time. Delays are to be expected. Please message us with the item link(s), the date you'll need it by, and your location. We will get back to you with a shipping quote as soon as possible and let you know what we're working with. 


--> If I purchase multiple items, can you combine shipping?

Of course! Eyes of Wise will ship all your items in one package, and always find the most affordable shipping rates available to save you some green.


--> I have some vintage I'd like to sell. Are you interested?

Definitely! Eyes of Wise is always on the hunt for "new" vintage pieces, so please send us photos with prices of what you have for sale, and we'll get back to you. We just ask that you check out our brand aesthetic and what we currently have for sale. This will give you a good idea of what we're looking for - no vintage t-shirts, sneakers, or torn denim here! We always appreciate when other vintage lovers want to find a good home for their pieces and think of us!


--> I live outside the US, so can you mark the package as a gift / lower the purchase price on the customs form?

No - we understand paying customs fees isn't fun, but falsifying a customs form is illegal and we prefer to go by the book. The punishment (up to $10,000 in fines with the possibility of up to 5 years of imprisonment) just isn't worth it!


--> Do you take offers or negotiate on your prices?

Our listed prices are firm. We spend a good deal of time procuring and restoring our vintage pieces, so every item arrives ready to wear. Eyes of Wise also takes into consideration the going market rates, value, and condition when setting prices.

We do offer 10% off your first purchase when subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of our home page. By subscribing and following @eyesofwise on Instagram, you will be the first to know about our special sale events throughout the year.   


--> Something I love on your website is sold out, will you have another in stock anytime soon?

All vintage items are considered one of a kind - once it's sold, it's more than likely gone forever! That's one of the great things about vintage - it's rare to find the same thing twice, so you know you'll have a unique item all to yourself. While we look to source current styles that are in higher demand, it really is what peaks our interest more than anything. We pride ourselves on finding pieces that maintain an aesthetic we feel represents our brand and its eclecticism. 

BUT...we are definitely in the game of sourcing a unique and special piece just for you. If it's something similar to what is sold out on our site, we'll do our best to hunt down options for you. If it's an exquisite collection piece for an event, or just something fun you want to incorporate into your daily wardrobe or workwear, we got you covered. Reach out and let's start the conversation!